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Future Litters

This year we have exciting things happening at DJ's Doodles.

2024 winter/spring/fall/winter 2025 Moms include:
Monica, Phoebe, Emily and Emma

For information on pricing, application, and our contract,

please see our applications and pricing page.

Monica x 


Monica is a very happy momma. She loves cuddling & adores all people and dogs (high human focus/pack drive). She has never met a person or dog she doesn't think of as her best friend. Monica is medium to high energy. In her first litter, Monica enjoyed sneaking her puppies stuffed animals and toys out of our toy bins.
Dislikes:When her humans leave
Favorite Toy: Anything with stuffing
Favorite Thing to Do: Snuggling with her people
Monica's Waitlist
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Phoebe is a F1b Goldendoodle who LOVES: Naps and stretching! 
Phoebe also loves playtime & is great at keep away because of how fast she is.
She really enjoys obstacles & agility work (which comes in handy for rabbit chasing).
Phoebe is loving and sweet and is low human and low energy (with bursts throughout the day).
Dislikes: when you blow in her face!
Favorite Toy: Benebones
Favorite Thing to Do: Play chase & make piles of her toys.

Phoebe's Waitlist
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Emily Jaz is an F1 Goldendoodle. Emily is a sweetheart. She is a confident little girl who is playful and lovable. Like Monica, Emily has not met a human or dog she doesn't want to be friends with. She loves all her humans (especially the smallest of them). She has low sound sensitivity and has medium energy level.
Dislikes: Hmmmmm?
Favorite Toy: Her rope toy
                                                                                Favorite thing to do: going on walks, lying in the sun and playing with her family

Emily's Waitlist
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Emma x Gunther (Gunther is our Red Poodle Stud)


Emma is a F1 Labradoodle 
LOVES: Her people and has that true lab loyalty that we love.

She loves ball, showing you whatever she has found, booping us with her nose, and being anywhere her people are (high human focus) and is motivated to work for her people.
Dislikes: when her mom steals her toys and chews them up (Emma doesn't destroy toys, but her mom sure does!)
Favorite Toy: Her Alligator Stuffy & any balls. 
Favorite thing to do: Relax and lay next to her people.

Gunther a Standard Poodle. He is a mellow guy who just loves hanging out  with his family and exploring norther Arizona when his family travels. Gunther is affectionate & intelligent. His coloring is a deep red, and he produces beautiful puppies. 
He LOVES: working alongside his human momma! 
Dislikes: When his human kids go to school! 

Emma's Waitlist
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