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Image by Mason Field


DJ's Doodles is a small family business owned by

Doris Geith & Melissa Aguirre.

We are a mother daughter team who is passionate about doodles. We are not just breeders.

We are lovers of the breeds that we have, and our hope and purpose is to work hard to bring life changers, heart healers, and love givers to our families.

We also emphasize the importance of health, temperament, & giving the best start of life to our puppies.

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 All it took was owning one doodle, and I (Doris) knew I had found a new passion. After owning my first doodle, I quickly realized that I loved this breed, and that I wanted to be able to share what these special doodles have to offer. My own dogs helped to heal me as I dealt with the loss of my husband, and lots of life change that followed. I truly believe that dogs are capable of healing us in more ways than one, and that everyone can benefit from their unconditional love.

Soon enough, I (Melissa) also became a doodle owner and lover. I have loved dogs since I can remember. They have always been a part of my life, and I knew they always would be. The love grew after my mom owned her first doodle, and experienced so many qualities we adored. I got to watch as my mom's Goldendoodle helped her heal from the loss of my stepdad.


At the end of the day, Sedona was there for my mom completely. While Sedona couldn't change the situation, I truly believe God sent her to help with the hurt and fill the void of the loss. At the time, we were ready to add another fur baby to our family after experiencing the loss of our beloved 16 year old Kelpi a year prior.

So we began the to look for another dog. And then we found our girl Sunny.


Sunny has brought so much joy to our family. She is special. She is so level headed, obedient, and knows just the right time to connect with us and dish out some sweet love. She is the perfect addition to the chaos that can ensue in a family of 6. She keeps balance in our home with our other four legged family members (and human ones to). 


Since Sunny, we have added a few additions to our family. Each of them unique and bringing something different that our family has needed. They have varying personalities and they love differently, but they all love. And that is the best gift of all.



Jim & Natasha

Beverly Hills, CA

We originally found DJ’s Doodles online after an exhaustive review of all Goldendoodle breeders within 1,500 miles of our S. California home.  Let me save you some time – don’t look any further than DJ’s Doodles for your family’s new puppy. 


Doris and Melissa LOVE what they do, and they are great at it.  The level of communication throughout the puppies’ first weeks and the puppy evaluations they conduct is amazing. 

They not only get to know the puppies and their traits, but they get to know you and your family, so the matchmaking is right on the mark.  We were blessed with our first Goldendoodle in November 2021, and love Samson so much, we had to get another! 

So we picked up Zeke in January 2023. 

Yes, we have two Goldendoodles from DJ’s Doodles from two separate litters, and could not be happier!  They are both wonderful additions to our family, and the perfect match for us. 


Thank you Doris and Melissa for the joy and love you provided to our family through your wonderful puppies.

Dena O'Neil

Ahwatukee, Az

DJ's Doodles.  Where do I even start?  I had to send my beloved 14 year old Lab Rosie to heaven 2 years ago and I thought I could never find that love again. Then, as fate would have it, I found DJ's Doodles and my life changed forever.

Even before I put a deposit down, Melissa and Doris were there with me from the start of the process to the current day!  They spent tons of time on the phone with me, answering all of my questions.  I NEVER, EVER thought that they were in this business for the money.


They are wonderful, well educated and responsible breeders. If you are lucky enough to select them for a new addition to your home, you will NEVER regret it.  When I picked up my Molly Rose, Melissa and I were both crying. My Molly slept in her crate all night from day 1 without a peep.  She is very loving and loyal.  Melissa and Doris are like family and I can never thank them enough.

Cooper Family

Peoria, Az

I HIGHLY recommend DJ’s Doodles. Doris and Melissa are the kindest, super knowledgeable and the most loving people to work with. They truly have a love and passion for breeding dogs and you can see it when you purchase a puppy from them.


We got our first Golden Doodle, Tilly, November of 2021. They completely set us up for success. They don’t just breed dogs, they make sure that both puppy and family are a perfect match. They prepare us with all the things we need to know and do. They work with the puppies, teaching and training them at a very young age and they take the time to learn their little personalities.


January of 2023 we purchased our second Golden Doodle, Remy, and once again had the best experience.  Tilly and Remy are the best of friends and we couldn’t have asked for a better match.
Doris and Melissa really have become part of the Cooper family. They are always available whenever we have questions. I’m so thankful a friend recommended them to us.

A few of our favorite pictures of our babies! 

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